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Welcome Ceremony 

  • Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein introduce the day

  • Biet Simkin, spiritual teacher and author, guides us in breath work and a musical performance.

  • Mayim Bialik, actress and neuroscientist discusses the pill, feminism, and hormones with Ricki and Abby 


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Breakout Rooms 

Body Literacy: Informed and Empowered breakout rooms featuring:

  • Sarah E. Hill: It's All in My Head; Why Does My Birth Control Alter My Mood and Who I'm Attracted To? 

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  • Nicole JardimHow to Achieve Pain-Free, PMS-Free Periods. 

    • Click here to watch Nicole's Breakout Room!​

  • Krystal Kirton: Transitioning off Birth Control to Conceive.

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  • Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl: The future of birth control: How technology can help you take control of your body and reproductive health. 

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  • Coach Gessie ThompsonEstrogen Dominance: Managing Fibroids and PCOS through Lifestyle Changes.

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  • Alisa Vitti: What We Haven't Been Told: The Infradian Rhythm, Your Cycle, Diet, and Exercise.

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  • Dr. Jolene BrightenBreaking up with the Pill.

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Yoni Break

Giveaways, Tips, and Tricks for a Happy, Healthy Yoni featuring:


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Bleeding Between the Binary

A personal story about gender and periods with Cass

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Panel Discussion

Racism & Birth Control, The Legacy of Exploitation of BIPOC Women featuring:

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Fathers of Lost Daughters: The Untold, Deadly Side Effects of Birth Control

Joe Malone and David Rowan honor the memories of Brittany and Alex

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Breakout Rooms

I'm Ready to Ditch the Pill...Now What? Breakout rooms featuring:

  • Dr. Lara Briden: How to Have Regular Periods without Contraceptive Drugs. 

    • Click here to watch Lara's Breakout Room!

  • Lisa Hendrickson-Jack: Mastering Fertility Awareness Method. 

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  • Lea Knarr and Chandra Wachholz: FemTech, A Hands-On Guide to Lady Comp and Daysy. 

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  • Kelsey Knight and Emily Varnam: What are All My Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options? 

    • Click here to watch Kelsey and Emily's Breakout Room!

  • Dr. Jessica Shepherd: Is the Copper IUD Right for Me? 

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  • Dr. Keith Bell: Holistic Approaches to Optimizing Fertility & Treating Post-Pill Syndrome. 

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  • Dr. Shawn Tassone: How to talk to your partner about vasectomy.

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  • Dr. Jolene BrightenBreaking up with the Pill.

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Panel Discussion

Forward Thinking: Long-Term Reproductive Health Solutions Panel featuring:

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