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More than ever, it is vital that women and gender non-conforming people have the tools to advocate for themselves in their doctors' offices. 

This free, online summit brings the amazing team of experts featured in The Business of Birth Control right to your home! 

Friday, October 16th: 

An exclusive sneak preview of "The Business of Birth Control" followed by a talk-back with Ricki Lake

and Abby Epstein 

Join us at either of our two live screening times:

12pm ET / 5pm GMT (European Time Zones), hosted by Alice Pelton, CEO The Lowdown

3pm PT / 6pm ET (US Time Zones), hosted by Aviva Romm MD-Midwife

Saturday, October 17th:

Immerse yourself in a day of interactive breakout rooms and panels designed to make YOU the expert in your reproductive wellness. 

12pm ET: Opening Invocation & Special Performance by Biet Simkin

12:15pm ET: Opening Conversation with actress & neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik, & Filmmakers, Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein

1pm - 6:30 ET: Expert Panels, Interactive Breakout Rooms, Product Giveaways

Once you are registered, you will have access to the full day's schedule which will contain links to access the day's events.

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Gain Unprecedented Access!

Interact directly with the visionaries and activists, doctors and educators that are shaping the next reproductive health revolution! Participate in intimate virtual workshops and listen to panel discussions on the timely issues that impact your life on the daily. Plus, by registering, you are automatically entered into a giveaway bundle featuring goodies from our sponsors and speakers!

A Snapshot of What You'll Learn!

Body Literacy: Informed and Empowered Breakout Rooms

  • Introduction by Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill Sarah E. Hill: It's All in My Head; Why Does My Birth Control Alter My Mood and Who I'm Attracted To? Nicole Jardim: How to Achieve Pain-Free, PMS-Free Periods Krystal Kirton: Transitioning off Birth Control to Conceive Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl: The future of birth control: How technology can help you take control of your body and reproductive health Coach Gessie Thompson: Estrogen Dominance: Managing Fibroids and PCOS through Lifestyle Changes Alisa Vitti: What We Haven't Been Told: The Infradian Rhythm, Your Cycle, Diet, and Exercise

Racism & Birth Control, The Legacy of Exploitation of BIPOC Women Panel

A panel featuring: Sevonna Brown, Assistant Executive Director of Black Women's Blueprint Deirdre Cooper Owens, Director of the Humanities in Medicine Program | University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cindy Luquin, Founder of Howl at the Womb Corinne Sanchez, Executive Director of Tewa Women United Latham Thomas, Founder of Mama Glow

I'm Ready to Ditch the Pill...Now What? Breakout Rooms

  • Dr. Lara Briden: How to Have Regular Periods without Contraceptive Drugs Dr. Keith Bell: Lisa Hendrickson-Jack: Mastering Fertility Awareness Method Lea Knarr and Chandra Wachholz: FemTech, A Hands-On Guide to Lady Comp and Daysy Kelsey Knight and Emily Varnam: What are All My Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options? Dr. Jessica Shepherd: Is the Copper IUD Right for Me?

Forward Thinking: Long-Term Reproductive Health Solutions

A panel featuring: Jennifer Block, Journalist & Author of Everything Below the Waist Julie McClure, Co-Founder & CEO of Hello.Me Panquetzani, Founder of Indigemama Ash Spivak, Doula & Co-Founder of Allbodies Ridhi Taryal, Co-Founder & CEO of NextGen Jane

Special Appearances, Giveaways, and More!

Mayim Bialik, Actress and Neuroscientist Isa Herrera, Expert in Integrative Pelvic Floor Therapies Dr. Emily Morse, Sex therapist, Author, Host of Sex with Emily Biet Simkin, World-Renowned Meditation Leader

Register now to win our special Giveaway filled with books, fabulous products and discounts from our experts, supplements & serums from our sponsors, and a sex toy!

Special Opening Conversation with


Abby Epstein & Ricki Lake

Summit Hosts, Filmmakers


Mayim Bialik

Actress and Neuroscientist 



Nadine Artemis

Founder, Living Libations


Dr. Keith Bell

Doctor of Acupuncture

and Chinese Medicine


Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl

Co-Founder & CEO,

Natural Cycles


Jennifer Block

Journalist and Author, 

Everything Below the Waist


Dr. Lara Briden ND 

Author, Period Repair Manual  @larabriden

Dr. Jolene Brighten ND 

Author, Beyond the Pill


Sevonna Brown

Assistant Executive Director, Black Women's Blueprint


Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens Medical Historian


Holly Grigg-Spall

Author, Sweetening the Pill

Dr. Sara Gottfried MD

Author, The Hormone Cure


Lisa Hendrickson-Jack 

Fertility Awareness Educator and author,

The Fifth Vital Sign


Isa Herrera

MSPT, CSCS, Founder and CEO,


Dr. Sarah E. Hill 

Research Psychologist and Author, This is Your Brain on Birth Control


Nicole Jardim 

Women's Health Coach and Author, Fix Your Period


Krystal Kirton

Menstrual Health Coach


Lea Knarr

FemTech, Daysy


Kelsey Knight RN

Educator, The Fifth Vital Sign


Cindy Luquin 

Latinx Sex Educator


Julie K. McClure

Co-Founder & CEO, Hello.Me

Dr. Emily Morse

Doctor of Human Sexuality and Multimedia Personality



Doula, Founder, Indigemama


Alice Pelton

CEO, The Lowdown


Aviva Romm

MD, Midwife


Dr. Corrine Sanchez

Executive Director,

Tewa Women United


Dr. Jessica Shepherd

OBGYN, Founder of

Her Viewpoint


Special performance by Biet Simkin


Ash Spivak

Doula, Co-Founder, Allbodies


Ridhi Tariyal

CEO, Co-Founder,

NextGen Jane


Dr. Shawn Tassone


Latham Thomas

Founder, Mama Glow


Coach Gessie Thompson 

Nutritionist and Founder,



Emily Varnam

Doula and UX Designer,

The Fifth Vital Sign


Alisa Vitti 

Founder, FLO Living and Author, In The Flo


Chandra Wachholz

FemTech, Daysy



This summit is in honor of the young women in our film who lost their lives to complications from hormonal contraceptives. We graciously thank their families for allowing us to document their stories.


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