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The Truth is Hard to Swallow


A film by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein

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We deserve better across the entire medical industry. We deserve to be believed. We deserve to be understood. We deserve to be empowered to at least understand ourselves and not have vital lifesaving information hidden from us for profit. It has honestly been one of the most illuminating and heartbreaking things I've ever seen. I will never forget the experience of watching your documentary... I can't wait for the revolution that I believe that you are at the forefront alongside so many amazing activists that have had their voices suppressed.

Jameela Jamil

Actress, Activist

Host of I Weigh

The Business of Birth Control Trailer

The Business of Birth Control Trailer

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Sixty years after the pill revolutionized women's emancipation, The Business of Birth Control examines the complex relationship between hormonal birth control and women’s health and liberation.


The documentary traces the feminist movement to investigate and expose the pill's risks alongside the racist legacy of hormonal contraception and its ongoing weaponization against communities of color. 


Weaving together the stories of bereaved parents, body literacy activists and femtech innovators, the film reveals a new generation seeking holistic and ecological alternatives to the pill.

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