In the wake of COVID-19 birthing restrictions, we are offeringThe Business of Being Born for FREE. 

Additionally, we are happy to offer More Business of Being Born, also for free. 

A Message from Ricki & Abby

As we all struggle to adapt to our changing circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking for ways to empower and support women virtually through "The Business of..." platforms.  The new hospital restrictions banning partners and doulas during labor broke our hearts.  For women birthing in hospitals, the idea of not having any labor support is frightening and unprecedented.  Equally unimaginable is the fact that nurses and care givers lack adequate personal protection equipment, putting their own health at risk. 


We hope these films and our live Zoom and Instagram discussions can provide education and assurance for expecting parents during this time, especially women who are facing the prospect of laboring alone. 

Wishing you all health and serenity during this difficult time.


Ricki & Abby

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